Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Flash Game

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Flash Game

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Minecraft Tower Defense  2 Flash Game


Description: Do you find the attraction from Minecraft Tower Defense game? You will gain many surprises when joining in Minecraft Tower Defense 2 game. This version is larger than the old version, so let use arrow keys or ASDW keys to move. When coming in the game, you have to survive as long as possible from the attacking of zombies and monsters. To do that, you should begin by digging the path to your house. The green marker is your house. Do you complete the path? Let choose the traps and turrets to protect the house. Some traps and turrets are not locked in the first level. As a result, let try to protect your house smoothly in the first level so that you can come to the next levels. Can you complete all of the levels in the game?

Instructions: Use the arrow keys / ASDW keys and the mouse to control the game.



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